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Jan 2022

Episode 410: (Remastered) 12 Days of Crapmas: Day 12 - Exterminator 2

January 5, 2022

Originally released on January 5th 2016 for ’80’s Picturehouse’ (hello to everyone who listened to that), myself and Thom conclude our '12 Days of Crapmas' shows by chatting about the 1984 movie Exterminator 2.

No new introductions on these shows, they are presented as they were for 80sPH, but now released under the 60MW ‘Decade of Decadence’ banner for all to hear.

If you've enjoyed these shows and would like us to record a whole new set of Crapmas shows for 2022, then please either email or tweet us letting us know...maybe even suggest some crap 80's movies too!

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